Financial Institutions ~ Game Changing Strategies

It is has never been more challenging for businesses to survive and thrive than it is currently. You are having to be smarter, wiser, and work harder to keep things afloat. Ascent can present options to you that will effectively protect the assets of your company, save you dollars, and reach your target goals.

No matter the size of your business we can help you develop, institute, and maintain game changing strategies.

Our Premier Financial Products Can Greatly Improve Your Financial Design

If your company has a net worth of $5 Million or more, then our Bank Owned Life Insurance can be the Vitamin B12 shot you need... Contact Us Today!

Ascent Processing

Ascent Corporation and Cornerstone Payment Systems are pleased to offer a unique opportunity to save your business money on your credit card processing.

As a participating merchant, Cornerstone Payment Systems will provide you with a preferred credit card processing rate, which is guaranteed to save you money for your business.

Executive Packages

We have a product not on the open market that will take your Executive Package, Key Man solutions, and Employee Benefits to a whole new level.

Our BOLI product for companies with $5 Million net worth is a solution you can not afford to not take a look at.

Employee Benefits

We bring game changing solutions to everything from Health Care, 401(k), 403(b) & 409(a), Employee Retention, to Term Insurance coverage.

With an outside-the-box approach coupled with sound proven solutions, we can revolutionize they way you care for your employees.


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